Friday, March 10, 2006

Family Calendaring Made Easy: Cool Cat Kidcast #2

Our family has been testing a new service on Airset for managing our family calendar. In this kidcast, we talk about :

  • How the family calendar works
  • How mom synchronizes it with her Palm pilot
  • How it reminds us over cell phones and e-mail when we have appointments
  • How kids and parents can put things on each other's calendars
Mom rates Airset a 10+. It is the first thing that can synchronize my palm, remind my husband over e-mail and cell phone for me and he can put things into the family calendar and check the family calendar without having to find me. We love how it e-mails the kids their schedule every day and automatically appears on their google start up page when they log in the Internet.

We hope you'll enjoy the Cool Cat Kidcast Volume 2.

If you want the details, I'll write how I set it up on my cool cat teacher blog.