Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why blog with your kids?

My children and I have been blogging for a couple of days. A parent asked me, why should I want to blog with my kids? Here are the reasons:
  1. It is their future.
    Some people are being promoted at work because they are blogging and calling attention to themselves. Writing as well as blogging are important to them.

  2. It gives us an opportunity to discuss important things.
    Internet safety, how the Internet works, privacy, how to write effectively, how to promote a website, and what do they like and dislike. I am the computer science teacher at their school and I know they will get these things in high school. However, I believe I should start now while they are in elementary school.

    I was lucky enough to grow up in a house where my father introduced me to computers at a very young age. He gave me a book on BASIC at age 8 and I was writing adventure games. It has served me well ever since!

    I taught them touch typing last summer. They are proficient at it. We began using the mouse when they were one!

  3. It is fun.
    Writing is fun! It is great to discuss things we love. We laugh and talk. It gives us planned interaction times!

  4. I can monitor it.
    Kids are going to post and collaborate. I want their first experience on the Net to be guided and seen by ME! The problem with myspace is not that kids are posting. The problem is that kids are posting UNSUPERVISED and UNMONITORED.

    Parents should look up their kid's info on and tell their children they are reviewing it. They should have them remove information that will compromise their safety. Be involved!

    Wherever kids congregate unsupervised there will be predators. We wouldn't send our kids into a tiger infested forest without us guarding them with a gun! Why would you let your child post something on the Internet without keeping a watchful eye. You are asking for problems!
Good kids aren't happy accidents. They are the result of hard work, hard praying, time, effort, love, and the grace of God. Don't leave your kids to be raised by the Internet because you will end up with problems!