Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fun things for kids to do on the Net!

I love to teach the elementary kids. Here are some things I recommend to use with children: -- The math facts drills using math baseball are great. All homeschoolers should use this website for fun reviews and practice. I use them to practice for first grade and up.
Yahooligans - I love their search engine. This is where I teach kids to search. The Google safe search is pretty good, but not perfect at all. Yahooligans is the best search engine for kids, in my opinion.
Barbie - My daughter loves It is a good introduction to the Internet and you can get B-mail from Barbie. Supervise her as she sets herself up. Have your sound on because Barbie will talk to her!.
Educational Games by Age and Objective - If you're looking for activities to use with your child, look at their indexed list. They have screenshots and outlines of each game. - A Cool website with some kid quests that you can use to help kids learn how to search on the Internet. This is called information literacy. Kids need to know how to find things, if the source is credible or not, how recent the information is, etc.
Bible Kid Fun Zone - If you work with children in your church and need coloring pages - here is the perfect place to go!
edhelper - If you are a teacher or homeschool mom or dad - I love edhelper. I use this for reproducibles in my classroom. They have everything. I also use the online gradebook which is pretty good.

Oh, there are so much more, but these are just to get you started. Let us know if you have any that you like!