Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia is a great series for all ages it leaves you hanging and you don't want to put it down.

It is a 9 out of 10. It is both depressing and happy at different points. It also loosely describes the crucifixion of Christ.

There are 7 books: The magician's nephew, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, the horse and his boy, prince caspian, the voyage of the dawn treader, the silver chair, and the last battle.

The best one is the voyage of the dawn treader. It is a 10!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fun things for kids to do on the Net!

I love to teach the elementary kids. Here are some things I recommend to use with children:

funbrain.com -- The math facts drills using math baseball are great. All homeschoolers should use this website for fun reviews and practice. I use them to practice for first grade and up.
Yahooligans - I love their search engine. This is where I teach kids to search. The Google safe search is pretty good, but not perfect at all. Yahooligans is the best search engine for kids, in my opinion.
Barbie - My daughter loves Barbie.com. It is a good introduction to the Internet and you can get B-mail from Barbie. Supervise her as she sets herself up. Have your sound on because Barbie will talk to her!.
Educational Games by Age and Objective - If you're looking for activities to use with your child, look at their indexed list. They have screenshots and outlines of each game.
4kids.org - A Cool website with some kid quests that you can use to help kids learn how to search on the Internet. This is called information literacy. Kids need to know how to find things, if the source is credible or not, how recent the information is, etc.
Bible Kid Fun Zone - If you work with children in your church and need coloring pages - here is the perfect place to go!
edhelper - If you are a teacher or homeschool mom or dad - I love edhelper. I use this for reproducibles in my classroom. They have everything. I also use the online gradebook which is pretty good.

Oh, there are so much more, but these are just to get you started. Let us know if you have any that you like!

Tips for the RA and boyscouts pine wood derby

You should always have some weight in the front of the car to make it pick up speed better than cars without weights in the front.

BUT DON'T HAVE ALL THE WEIGHT IN THE FRONT or it will beat the car down the slope but then it will slow down on the straight way and the other car will pass it.

But remember never put all the weights in one spot. you can't win a race by following a book, I tried it once and I came in last.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why blog with your kids?

My children and I have been blogging for a couple of days. A parent asked me, why should I want to blog with my kids? Here are the reasons:
  1. It is their future.
    Some people are being promoted at work because they are blogging and calling attention to themselves. Writing as well as blogging are important to them.

  2. It gives us an opportunity to discuss important things.
    Internet safety, how the Internet works, privacy, how to write effectively, how to promote a website, and what do they like and dislike. I am the computer science teacher at their school and I know they will get these things in high school. However, I believe I should start now while they are in elementary school.

    I was lucky enough to grow up in a house where my father introduced me to computers at a very young age. He gave me a book on BASIC at age 8 and I was writing adventure games. It has served me well ever since!

    I taught them touch typing last summer. They are proficient at it. We began using the mouse when they were one!

  3. It is fun.
    Writing is fun! It is great to discuss things we love. We laugh and talk. It gives us planned interaction times!

  4. I can monitor it.
    Kids are going to post and collaborate. I want their first experience on the Net to be guided and seen by ME! The problem with myspace is not that kids are posting. The problem is that kids are posting UNSUPERVISED and UNMONITORED.

    Parents should look up their kid's info on Myspace.com and tell their children they are reviewing it. They should have them remove information that will compromise their safety. Be involved!

    Wherever kids congregate unsupervised there will be predators. We wouldn't send our kids into a tiger infested forest without us guarding them with a gun! Why would you let your child post something on the Internet without keeping a watchful eye. You are asking for problems!
Good kids aren't happy accidents. They are the result of hard work, hard praying, time, effort, love, and the grace of God. Don't leave your kids to be raised by the Internet because you will end up with problems!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Milo and Otis

My rating is ten!

The movie, Milo and Otis, is about a cat named Milo and a dog named Otis. Milo hides in a box and the box unties on the post and sails of in the rushing river!

Milo thinks it is fun but, he goes through a lot of danger on the trip down the river. Then he meets a cat named Joyous and falls in love with her deeply. Then, Otis the dog decides to go to the mountains and on his way he meets a lovely dog named Sandra.

Milo and Joyous find the river that took Milo away and found a shack near the river. Otis and Sandra found a cave to live in. Soon Sandra and Joyous get pregnant and have puppies and kittens.

Otis,Sandra,and the puppies ran out of food one day and Otis went to find some. But he got stuck in a blizzard and got lost. Then he found the shack Milo and Joyous lived and Milo gave Otis some fresh fish and they promised to meet in the spring with their puppies and kittens. When it was spring the puppies and kittens were suprised and they all became best friends and they all lived happily ever after.

I loved this movie but my brother did not like when the animals had their animal babies. He said it was gross!

Civilization III will rock your world!

I enjoy playing Civilization III.

My rating is a 9 out of 10. The only draw back is that it makes you retire at 2050 AD.

This is a good game for 10 and older. It takes strategy and you have to know when your stronger or weaker than your enemies or, when to attack or, when to sign a peace treaty.

The more technology advances you make the better units you build. Don't forget to build curtual achivement or the people will rebel against you!


Cats are the best pets ever!

They first need to trust you. You always have to be aware for they are very picky with their food and water. If you have a cat inside you have to clean out the litterbox everyday!

Here are some tips about cats' feelings. If they lay on their back that means they are happy. If they have their eyes are half closed that means that they trust you. I learned this in a book about cats that my Mom bought me for Christmas.

I have found a kind of neat website that helps me with my math called math cats. I am going to try it out and let you know what I think!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Roller Coaster Tycoon

I love Roller Coaster Tycoon!

My rating is a 10.

In this game you own your own amusement park and you build your own rollercoaster rides!!!!!!!!!

You can buy your own rides. You make food courts. You put in walkways. You can buy land. You hire people like mechanics, handymen, bodyguards, and entertainers.

I think this is a fun game because you build your own rides. You can see how the park guests feel about the rides and make changes.

My most successful park I made $150,000! (Pretend money.)

It is not too hard to start. It is important to figure out if the guests like your rides. You have to make sure that the rides are not dangerous because they can crash and kill people. You will find this out when you test the ride.

I recommend this for boys and girls because my older brother who is 11 likes to play it too!

Mom's Comments:

I like this game's entrepreneurial bent. It also has a customer focus as kids have to watch what people think. My kids love this game, this is one that actually gets played!

Who are the contributors to cool cat kid?

This blog is a place for the family of the coolcatteacher to learn to blog and experiment.

We have a 11 year old boy named Big Brother, a 9 year old girl named Princess, and a 4 year old who will be blogging through his Mom -- Little Bro.

We also have Cool Cat Teacher a/k/a Mom and the King a/k/a Dad.

We couldn't find a good blog for kids to go that would have kid friendly links and info. We need a place to trust that has good old fashioned family values but fun stuff too. So this is our family project.

Welcome to the Cool Cat Kid Blog!